Finnalytics File Explorer is designed to be simply efficient with numerous unique one-click-done features, helping you get things done faster.
Update: 2020.05
2MB, Language : English, checksum: 2c8fe96f12b11bcb5a7abf08788c19e9
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VibeSmack® Joy Centre (including Real-Time Audio Synchronous Games and CustWave visual-tactile composite effects)
  • Customizable live audio synchronous visualization with a collection of Finnalytics CustWave® visual-tactile composite effects;
  • VibeSmack® autonomous music genre analyser, analyse music during playback or in bulk;
  • Multiple types of media files can be viewed in one sequence as slideshows;
  • Customizable content type filters and slides interval;
  • Fullscreen browsing of graphics / video, audio and other media content;
  • Mobile, pad, PC, projector, stage lighting connectivity;
  • Windows 7+, Android 2.2+ compatibility.
  • NestedPreview®
  • NestedPreview provides one-click preview on multi-level sub folders without entering them with one click
  • File Transfer Control
  • Pause/Continue file transfer on all platforms
  • File Listing Filters
  • List itmes by category, with automatic update of sub-subdirectory size (including all nested sub-directories)
  • One-click DirectPreview®
    One-click DirectPreview lets you preview files by simply clicking on their thumbnails, the various previewable types include:
    • PDF*;
    • Multi-media(audio/video);
    • Image files;
    • Webpage(code view and page preview, and live sites);
    • MS Office - Word*, Excel*;
    • Text files rtf, csv, txt and more.
    Search by Text in Content
    Search files by internal content (text, Word¹, Excel¹. ¹: full-version customers only), time range, category and custom criteria
    Customizable Background Colour & Opacity
    Customize background with the colour and transparency of your choice
    Cross-Platform One-click Start Panel
    One-click start panel for platforms including Windows 8 and Windows Servers 2012
    Easy New Window
    New window in current directory
    One Click Does All
    One-click file-operation command buttons
    Search for Duplicates
    Search duplicate files by content or name
    Bulk Renaming
    Automatically renaming multiple files / directories following user-defined patterns
    MD5 File Hashcode
    Calculate MD5 hashcode of files
    Quick Note
    Built-in on-the-fly quick note functionality
    Panel Layout Sets
    Express application of custom panel layout settings (User specified position, panel layout, directory, preview file etc.)
    Interoperable with system explorer on multiple Windows platforms on local and network drives (including remote desktop)
    Complete Data Security
    Complete data security, no user information or behaviour collected, nothing uploaded anywhere
    Hardware Linked Serial Number for Security
  • Uniquely hardware linked serial number for each of your devices ensures total security of your purchased key, not even need to be stored "safely" because each key is uniquely linked with your specific device, it will not work on any other device;
  • Each purchase gets 2 additional keys for free. (Offer ends on 2017.12.31)
  • Cross-Platform User Experience Consistency
    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012
    Safe Mode Compatibility
    Fully operational under Windows Safe Mode
    In-App Software Update Option
    In-App User-Controlled Software Update Service
    Cross-network Data Transfer
    Cross-network data transfer capability
    * PDF: If Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed;
    * Word, Excel: If Microsoft OpenXML SDK (free, 3.8MB) is installed. No MS Office installation required.
    - Preview on coming/updated features available to full-version customers
    - Finnalytics software and intellectual properties are protected by law, all rights reserved.