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Finnalytics Portfolio Optimisation Engine
Finnalytics Portfolio Optimisation and Management Engines since 2012, with world first and only in-computation portfolio-rebalancing optimisation processor, multi-model hybrid risk measurement, real-time quantitative analysis on data feed, comprehensive multi-level portfolio analysis and stress test.

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  • Finnalytics Portfolio Optimisation Engine (2015 USA)
  • Finnalytics Portfolio Management Engine (2015 USA)
  • Finnalytics Stress Test Engine (2015 USA)
  • More international intellectual property rights in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • International priority date of patent application: 2012-04-27 (Full Text).
  • Multiple international and US patent applications currently on-going.
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Finnalytics Portfolio Optimization Engine
  • Multi-Dimensional Composite-Model Optimization Engine
  • Customisable Boundary Conditions Including Long/Short Position Size Limits
  • Hybrid Risk Models
  • Quantitative Calculations Deliver Consistent Optimal Asset Allocations with Minimal Risks
  • Finnalytics Portfolio Management Engine
  • Firm & Fund Level Portfolio Performance Analysis
  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Portfolio Risk Exposure Analysis
  • Portfolio Multi-Level Asset Allocation Analysis
  • Fundamentals Analysis
  • Customizable Benchmarks Plus Indicators of Choice
  • Finnalytics Stress Test Engine
  • Risk-Factors Hybrid Analysis in addition to Monte Carlo and Scenario-Based Historical Tests
  • IVaR & MVaR Analysis
  • Risk Source Identification
  • Customizable Scenario Based Stress Test on Underlyings
  • Customizable Stress Test Reference/Constraint Factors
  • Simple Observation
    US Economic Boom and Extended Debt Ceiling
    Looks like most economic indicators point to a booming US economy, apart from the urge on the US Federal Reserve to cut rates and a shrinking but rallying stock market. We are obviously wrong earlier in thinking the US economy would falter quickly, as the effect of stimulus such as tax cut lasts longer. Is the US government debt ceiling to be extended again? Would that surprise anyone? Combined with very likely lower rates by the Fed, would you be looking at a better time than this?

    And Why not just do away with the pointless Debt Ceiling, or simply declare having lots of money? Who's to argue with that? As long as the Dollar Index holds in the forex market. At such booming time, don't the people of America deserve much more when money is a matter of printing anyway? Would you rather see the digits go into wall street fraudsters' pocket or your family savers? Remember, the national debt is on everybody's head. Talking of which, the continuous funding of it by the Chinese didn't seem to bring much benefit but tariffs from the US government instead.
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  • Technology
  • Finnalytics Game Engine;
  • Finnalytics CustWave Audio Synchronous Visual/Tactile Effects;
  • Finnalytics Real-Time Audio Genre Analyzer.

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    Real-Time Audio Synchronous Visual & Tactile Effects
    CustWave Composite EffectCustWave Audio synchronous visual® and tactile® composite effect with your mobile device, touch your music and musician, touch the other side of the phone, touch everything you hear;Music Genre AnalysisFinnalytics VibeSmack is the world first and only software that can automatically analyse the genre of your music (during playback or analysed in batch), you never have to manually organise your music files again;Any Signal SourceAudio or anyother signal types from playback or real-time live signal source, e.g. microphone;Customizable Visual EffectsCustomise multiple visual effects and experience unique visual effects synchronous to input signal;Real-Time Signal InterpretationSignal processed at real-time, no need for signal calibration, experience multiple types of unique visual effects instantly;Multiple Output DeviceOutput to different external devices ranging from TV, home-projector to stage lighting and other signal controlled equipment;Multi-platformFinnalytics VibeSmack is available on PC, PAD, Mobile and other devicesMass SynchronizationMultiple devices synchronized effects;Unique ExperienceRegistered intellectual property delivers experience to be found nowhere else;Free trial for your soiree.
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